Rainbow Snippets – January 28th 2017

For the third time in 2017, it’s time for me to post a snippet of an up and coming work on Rainbow Snippets. For those of you who don’t know, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where you share a set of sentences from a work that has LGBT related content. If you want to check out this great community for yourselves, be sure to check them out for yourself.

This segment is from A Treasured Find series, and was co-written by AuldMisdione, the deviantArt user who helped me bring the characters of the story to life. For this Rainbow Snippet, I decided to offer you a sample from the backstory of Varron’s parents.

As Magnus entered the tent, a wonderful scent reached his nostrils, and his instincts screamed to him that he had at long last be discovering the identity of his mate. The young adult shifter entered the main body of the tent, and came face to face with Ceispen Sevarine for the very first time.

The handsome blonde genie prince had instantly sensed the connection between them, and the Grand Magister did nothing but watch the two men as their connection came into life. At the time, Magnus learned that the Grand Magister had summoned Ceispen from inside an old copper lamp he had discovered in the mines, and intended to give Magnus one of his three wishes as a gift before he could take the throne.

Sensing the connection that was brewing, the Grand Magister congratulated Magnus on finding the man he was meant to be together with. However, there was still the issue of who would lead the pride.

Ceispen explained to Magnus that he was in line for his own throne in the Northern Kingdom, and that he was merely performing his mandatory community service of three hundred wishes to complete his training to become a crown sovereign. As soon as he had granted the last of the wishes, he would no longer be the Genie of the Lamp, and then they could be together as fate intended.

For the next week, the two men spent several hours together, to build the bond that could endure the years that they would be apart. Very few people in the pride would have considered their union to anything particular, as their religion did not bar two men or women from joining together in matrimony, but Magnus and Ceispen kept their bond a secret from all but their closest family.

On a side note, I would like to thank every member of the group who has offered me kind words so far. Your support and friendship mean the world to me. I hope you enjoyed everyone enjoyed this little snippet, and are looking forward to another brief glimpse as well as the final release.

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