Hi everyone, my name is Calvin Westbrook and welcome to Calvin’s Coracle.

I currently write supernatural fiction with the majority of them focusing on M/M pairings. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and if you like my work, please share it with your friends.

My favourite kinds of supernatural creatures are vampires, genies and werewolves. If you know of any eBook that has these kinds of beings in, please let me know because I would love to see it.

Calvin’s Coracle is also the creative home of two other authors, Cameron Chase and Auldran Misdione, who both share my interests and passion for writing about the supernatural and males of all shapes and species.

The majority of content on this site is meant for mature audiences only and as such should not be offered to anyone who is not aware of the situations involved. This includes sexual interaction between members of same or different genders, strong language and occasional gore and/or violence.

If you are not bothered by any of these issues, we bid you welcome to the site!

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