Character Index

Like every book that has placed onto paper, or one that exists only in your imagination, there is a vast menagerie of people that exist in my books. If you want to know more about them, or are merely curious to see a group of interesting individuals, then this page will appeal to both of your interests.

Frozen Heart Series

Glenn Eckart and Jason Fields  – A Genie And His Master – Drawn by Chantasticart

Guided Chronicles Series

Shadow, Taylor and Doug  – A Family of Wolf Shifters – Drawn by ChrisWolfStarr

Herd of Men Series

Finn, Comet and Aquarius – A Tri Mated Relationship – Drawn by ChrisWolfStarr

Our Second Chance

Dustin and Phoenix – A Curator And His Genie Lover Created Using The Sims 4
Rafius Sahir – A Reformed Wish Granter – Drawn by SomDude424

Paws And Effect Series

Felix Driftwood and Trenvick – A Witch and his Genie Familiar – Drawn by Frozen-Tiger

Shifting Secrets Series

Laylen, Alex and Nilas  – A Lion Shifter, A Human And A Tiger Shifter – Drawn by Chantasticart

The Treasured Series

Aquarius Swiftyde  – A Merman Who Works At Zarik’s Hotel – Drawn by SomDude424
Caleb Grimaldi and Varron Sevarine – The Son Of Two Powerful Witches And The Prince Of The Northern Kingdom – Drawn by k0uya
Magnus and Ceispen Sevarine – Kings of the Northern Kingdom – Drawn by AutumnAlchemy