Like every book that has placed onto paper, or one that exists only in your imagination, there is a vast menagerie of people that exist in my books. If you want to know more about them, or are merely curious to see a group of interesting individuals, then this page will appeal to both of your interests.

All the characters below were created in equal partnership with my dear friend AuldMisdione from deviantArt, who allows me to write about them as long as I give an acklowdegement to his role whenever they are used.

Frozen Heart Series

Glenn Eckart and Jason Fields  – A Genie And His Master – Drawn by Chantasticart

Guided Chronicles Series

Shadow, Taylor and Doug  – A Family of Wolf Shifters – Drawn by ChrisWolfStarr

Herd of Men Series

Finn, Comet and Aquarius – A Tri Mated Relationship – Drawn by ChrisWolfStarr

Our Second Chance

Dustin and Phoenix – A Curator And His Genie Lover Created Using The Sims 4
Rafius Sahir – A Reformed Wish Granter – Drawn by SomDude424

Paws And Effect Series

Felix Driftwood and Trenvick – A Witch and his Genie Familiar – Drawn by Frozen-Tiger

Shifting Secrets Series

Laylen, Alex and Nilas  – A Lion Shifter, A Human And A Tiger Shifter – Drawn by Chantasticart

The Treasured Series

Aquarius Swiftyde  – A Merman Who Works At Zarik’s Hotel – Drawn by SomDude424
Caleb Grimaldi and Varron Sevarine – The Son Of Two Powerful Witches And The Prince Of The Northern Kingdom – Drawn by k0uya
Magnus and Ceispen Sevarine – Kings of the Northern Kingdom – Drawn by AutumnAlchemy