Final Cover Reveal – Rubbed The Right Way

As July 2020 comes to a close, I would like to reveal to you the final cover of one of our future books. It is the fourth book to be written under the name of Cameron Chase, which I use for any books that contain scenes that contain explicit adult content, with assistance from Auldran Misdione, another of our talented writers.

This amazing cover is for “Rubbed The Right Way”, the first book in the Master Of The Silver Lamp series. It focuses on a young man named Anthony, who discovers a magic lamp containing a handsome genie named Julius inside of it. This cover has been designed by Brian Patterson, known as D20Monkey on Twitter, an exceptionally talented and highly professional artist that I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking to commission high quality artwork.

If you are curious about the blurb of the book, I have included it beneath the cover.

Rubbed The Right Way

“Will you allow me the pleasure of granting your fondest desires?” Julius asked.

Anthony gazed into the eyes of the all powerful genie, finding himself unable to look away. All he could do was answer his request with the only words he was able to speak.

“Your wish is my command.”

Anthony Carvello is a middle aged man who is desperate to escape the flat he shares with his brother Duncan, and his brother’s less than amicable fiancée. Whilst searching for a place of his own, he finds a seemingly perfect house, with a powerful mystical talisman hidden inside it’s attic.

With the seemingly infinite power of a magic lamp at his fingertips, will Anthony use his wishes to change his life for the better, or will he give in to the undeniable lust he feels for the muscular genie that is summoned from inside it?

No matter what Anthony decides, someone or something will have to be rubbed the right way.

Hope you liked this cover. I will have more information about this latest book very soon, as well as more snippets from future projects.

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