Archived Books

The books on this page are currently not available for purchase but they have been in the past. They may be reintroduced to digital marketplaces at a later date.

Adored (Guided Chronicles #1)

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Romance (Male/Male)

Price: £0.81, $0.99

Taylor Michaels and Doug Henshaw are two men who happen to meet at an ordinary public house. It would be like any other relationship except Taylor is a barman and Doug is a werewolf.After having spontaneous intercourse, Taylor and Doug feel a strange connection to each other. It’s only when Doug admits he has found his mate in Taylor do things begin to make sense.

Taylor is cautious of their new connection at first, and his choice isn’t made easy by sex starved vampires, prejudiced alpha werewolves and a best friend with a firm opinion of right and wrong.

Can Taylor and Doug ever be together, or were they mated by mistake?