Final Cover Reveal – Tales From The Lands Of Talybris: Volume 1

After the amazing response we have had to the two covers that we revealed earlier this month, we would like to reveal to you the final cover of one of our future books. It is named “Tales From The Lands Of Talybris: Volume 1”, and is the first book to be written under the collaborative name of Calvin’s Coracle, and contains several short stories within the worlds that have been created by Calvin Westbrook, Cameron Chase and Auldran Misdione.

This brilliant cover has been designed by Tammy Clarke, a talented graphic designer who works for her own company named Graphics By Tammy.

In the modern world, there are two parallel dimensions that inhabit the physical space known as Planet Earth. There is the mortal plane, filled with a multitude of civilisations, religions and beautiful places to see. The other place is known as Talybris, a cavalcade of different magical realms, powerful deities and supernatural species that go beyond even the wildest of imaginations.

Like many parallel worlds, the dimensions often cross into each other, creating pocket realms, hidden glades and even entire communities within their enchanted walls. Written by the talented authors at Calvin’s Coracle, this book is filled with numerous tales that tell the legends, folklore and personal stories of the inhabitants of Talybris, as well as the various times that Talybris and Earth coincide together.

Whether you are looking for a tale of royal dragons, powerful genies or seductive vampires, these mystical short stories will provide everything you have been looking for, as well as the things that you didn’t know you were missing.

As a special treat for my loyal readers, and anyone who loves supernatural fiction, here is a short sample from one of the book’s many stories. It is named Freedom’s Reward and is written by Auldran Misdione. The story stars a young anthro wolf-husky hybrid named Lee and a powerful anthro wolf genie named Ryder.

Turning around to the desk, he saw the golden lamp that he had bought from the market. Although he longed for the experience to have been real, the handsome genie that had appeared to Lee and hugged him after the wusky had wished him free had to have been a figment of his imagination.

Something his subconscious mind had made to make him feel less lonely in the squalor he was doomed to live in. Vampires existed, he was living proof of that statement, but genies were nothing more than figures that appeared in the dream world.

“I’m glad you decided to keep it.”

For a moment, Lee stood completely still, wondering he had misheard the voice. He carefully turned his head, and saw a figure in the corner of his eye. The wusky yipped loudly, and then spun around to face whoever had dared to enter his sanctuary. Throwing caution to the wind, he growled and bared his vampire fangs at the intruder. His expression turned from anger to complete amazement as he recognised the figure that had spoken.

The genie was standing about three foot from the bed, with his muscular arms crossed over his chest and a flirtatious gaze on his face that made Lee blush. Not only was the genie supposedly real, but he was being admired by the millennia old magical being.

“What are you doing here?” Lee asked, retracting his fangs carefully.

The wolf genie smiled.

“I came back because I wanted to see you again. That and I left my home in your bedroom.”

“Your home?”

The golden furred Adonis looked in the direction of the lamp on the desk.

“The lamp. I may be free, but it’s the only roof I have over my head since I was imprisoned inside it thousands of years ago.”

Lee couldn’t argue that the truth of the genie’s words, but why would he want to live in a place that had been his prison for so long?

“As horrible as it was being a prisoner there for long periods of time, it’s the only home I have, and I’ve grown fond of it. Call it Stockholm Syndrome if you like, but it is my home, and I don’t want to be apart from it.”

Hope you liked this cover and snippet. we will have more information about this latest book very soon, as well as more snippets from future projects.

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