Published Works

The books on this page are currently available from Amazon for purchase.

All currently available titles can be removed from publication at any time.

A Treasured Find (Treasured #1)

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Romance (Male/Male)

Price: £1.49, $1.82


It definitely wasn’t a question of whether Caleb preferred searching for treasure, or being with his fiancé, because Caleb had grown to love his extracurricular activities far more than his future husband.

Young witch, Caleb Grimaldi, has spent most of his adult life in effective exile after his father committed a cardinal sin against the magical community. This social stigma has effectively blacklisted Caleb from any jobs in the magical world. Despite this, he manages to regain some favour by becoming engaged to the powerful sorcerer Michael DeGhast.

Thanks to Michael’s influence, Caleb is able to earn a living both as a caretaker, and as a treasure hunter who specialises in recovering supernatural artefacts. This leads to an invitation to attend an event which is being held by a highly respected treasure hunter named Zarik Zenbar. Way out of his depth, Caleb finds himself surrounded by a group of elitist hunters and magical chancers who will do anything to get their hands on the enchanted merchandise.

What Caleb doesn’t know, is that a treasure lies in wait that is more powerful than anything he could imagine, and has the potential to change his life forever.

Frozen Heart – Book 1: The Summoning

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Romance (Male/Male)

Price: £0.99, $0.99


It is the week running up to Christmas and Jason Fields is not looking forward to the event. After the betrayal of his boyfriend the previous Christmas Eve, all he wants for the holiday to be over. All that changes when he receives a chest from his family, which contains a present he never expected.

Glenn Eckhart has spent the past one hundred years as a prisoner inside an object he used to treasure, and has no reason to ever care for another. But when he is summoned by his new master, the once human man finds that Jason is nothing like he had imagined.

Jason has seven days, and seven chances to change his life. Will the two men find a way to thaw their hearts, or will they be frozen shut for the rest of their days?

Written In Blood (The Shifting Secrets #1)

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Romance (Male/Male)

Price: £1.99, $2.81


“I swear to watch over this man, as he has done my kind a service. He may come to us in need, as we may look to him. I hereby name this man a friend of my pack.”

The towns of Shinelake and Duskhaven stand in the middle of a supernatural pocket world situated in the middle of England. They both have tall buildings, forests in the suburbs, and a long standing turf war between two vampire clans. In the town of Shinelake, there exists the Graiabluds who respect human life, while the Crimbluds from Duskhaven desire to control them. Caught between the two factions are the various breeds of shifters who are simply trying to live their lives in peace.

Dr. Alex Marsden is a young man from Shinelake who has assisted the shifters as a therapist and a close personal friend for the past seven years. Little does he know that his life is about to be altered forever by a mysterious message that appears to be written in blood, and the cruel machinations of Alex’s shifter hating father and a powerful Crimblud vampire.


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