The Shifting Secrets – Written In Blood Available Now

After many years of writing and refining, the first book in my Shifting Secrets series is now available to be buy. If you are interested in reading the blurb, or seeing a sample, why not check out the cover reveal that was posted back in November 2017.

Written In Blood is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide, so if you’re in the mood for the beginnings of an urban fantasy, I highly recommend that you take a look.

Amazon UK – Link

Amazon US – Link

I’m going to take a short break, then I’ll start refining the second book, as well as my other projects. Hope you enjoy Written In Blood, and I’ll hopefully see you soon!

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (And Characters Too)

As an author, it always helps to picture the physical appearance of your characters as well as their personalities. It may help you to imagine new ways to develop their journey, or simply to get some eye candy for your readership. Either way, I thought I would share some commissions I had done a year ago for my books. They were both drawn by a very talented artist on deviantArt by the name of linkluibymon.

The first picture is of Jason and Glenn from Frozen Heart. The human and his genie may have some issues to overcome, but they look a handsome pair to be sure.


The second picture is a group shot of a few characters from the Shifting Secrets series. Alex, Lanley and Nilas. The two shifters and the human play an important role in the story, one which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did when I wrote their adventures.


That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures, and that you have a great 2015!