Rainbow Snippets – February 11th 2017

After a brief break, it’s time for me to post another snippet of an up and coming work on Rainbow Snippets. For those of you who don’t know, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where you share a set of sentences from a work that has LGBT related content. If you want to check out this great community for yourselves, be sure to check them out for yourself.

This segment is from the Treasured series, and was co-created by AuldMisdione, the deviantArt user who helped me bring the characters of the story to life.As a special treat, here is a picture of Magnus and Ceispen, the kings of the Northern Kingdom that was drawn by another deviantArt user named AutumnAlchemy. You can find it below, or visit the original deviantArt page where it was uploaded.


For this Rainbow Snippet, I decided to offer you the remainder of the backstory of Varron’s parents. If you missed the first part, be sure to check the previous post.

The day finally came before Magnus’s thirtieth birthday, and although the lion shifter wanted to be with his true mate more than anything, his duty to his pride would have to come first. Besides, they would have an eternity to spend at each other’s side once this was over.

Magnus used the Grand Magister’s gifted wish to find a woman who would honour his promise to mate with Ceispen, whilst at the same time standing by his side as the Alpha Female of the pride. As Ceispen granted his Hiraeth’s wish, he gave his beloved a final kiss of farewell, and disappeared into the lamp, which vanished as soon as the prince had disappeared inside it.

Later that evening, Magnus bonded with a lioness by the name of Xelena, who was also seeking a political marriage to escape the clutches of her less than favourable pride. So from that day forward, Magnus and Xelena took over the running of the pride.

For the next hundred years, the two shifters guided, fought and shared food together, but they never consummated their desires through any sexual encounters. The day came when it was the turn of Xelena’s son, whose father had been slain by her former pride to take the position as leader.

Thanking her for her many years of loyalty, both Magnus and Xelena went their separate ways, and lived in retirement to await the beginning of the next stage of their lives.

A few months had passed, and Magnus pined for his handsome genie more than ever before. His waiting came to an end when Magnus was given a letter through the bottom of his front door one windy afternoon.

The letter read,

“Dearest Magnus,

                                I am reaching the end of my service, and I cannot wait to lay eyes upon you once more. My parents have informed me that they wish to meet your acquaintance before I return home. When you ready to do so, simply tap the wax seal three times, and you will be taken directly to the palace.

Stay strong my beloved Hiraeth, I shall be with soon.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Magnus made himself look presentable, and tapped the wax seal with a shaking hand.

When he had arrived at the palace, he had been welcomed with open arms by King Dreimos and his bride Queen Peregrine. They had shared a delicious meal, and talked about the man who would be the future king. The royal couple invited him to stay in their son’s bedroom for the night, and then he could return once the prince had come home.

As Magnus entered the prince’s chambers, he was surprised to pick up a familiar scent. Looking over at the balcony, he saw a flying carpet was headed towards him, and riding on top of it was his beloved mate. After a heart warming reunion, Magnus and Ceispen completed their mate bond, and within a week of their reunion the two men were pronounced to be married.

During the ceremony, Magnus was transformed into a genie, so he could be equal in both power and authority to all of the people of his new home. Magnus was relieved to discover that he could still become his lion after he had been changed, a fact which Ceispen had confirmed before the two men took their vows during their marriage ceremony.

After the grand event had taken place, Dreimos and Peregrine decided to abdicate, leaving Ceispen, and his beloved Magnus to ascend to become the kings of the Northern Kingdom.

On a side note, I would like to thank every member of the group who has offered me kind words so far. Your support and friendship mean the world to me. I hope you enjoyed everyone enjoyed this little snippet, and are looking forward to another brief glimpse as well as the final release.

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