Final Cover Reveal – Closing The Circle

One of the hardest parts of being an author is trying to focus on the ideas you have, while new ones keep coming into focus. That was the case with the latest story that I am revealing here on my blog. It was formed from an idea I had originally based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm. When I couldn’t find a Germanic name that fitted my main character, I decided to switch to an Irish setting and build a different lore.

Without further ado, I would like to reveal to you the final cover of one of my future books.


This beautiful cover for Closing The Circle, the first book in Paws And Effect series, has been designed by the talented mind of JC Clarke. If you are curious about the plot of the book, here is the blurb I have made for it.


The fur will fly when a young wizard seeks his path.

During the funeral of his estranged grandmother, a young wizard named Felix Driftwood is unexpectedly chosen to potentially become the next owner of their family spell book. Faced with bitter rivalry from his cousin William, the other potential heir, Felix attempts to return home to escape the madness that has begun to take place.

Things take a turn for the worse when he is unexpectedly detained by the local magical enforcement agency, and is then attacked by an unknown assailant. Scared for his life, Felix is given sanctuary in Talybris, a hidden world that is guarded by a pack of wereshifters who have fae lineage.

Felix is now in a race against time to solve the puzzle left to him by his grandmother and prevent his power crazed cousin from destroying their family’s legacy. On top of this, he must also try to deal with the romantic advances of Ronan LeClaine, the pack’s handsome alpha, as well as the jealousy driven actions of his devoted familiar. 

As a special treat for my loyal readers, and anyone who loves supernatural fiction, here is a short sample from one of the flashbacks in the book.

For a horrifying moment, Felix wondered if he had picked the wrong kind of object. The old shampoo bottle began to spew out thick cream coloured smoke. It began to rise up towards the ceiling, and swirled around like a tornado. To Felix’s surprise, the smoke changed into a solid form of something that resembled a human male.
The being had long wine red hair, stunning orange eyes and a pair of ears that would have looked more at home on a house cat. To add to the male’s feline mystique, a large wine red tail curled out from the bottom of his back. He wore a blue vest with golden trimmings, and a golden bangle on each of his wrists. From the point that his waist would have reached his legs, a trail of wispy smoke trailed down towards the floor.
From everything that Felix understood, he thought that the man looked like a genie. It was clear that something had not gone as expected with the ritual. He had expected to find a familiar, and instead he had seemed to have gained a servant. Before he could do anything else, the “man” bowed, and looked at Felix with the deepest respect.
“I thank you for awakening me from my slumber. My name is Trenvick, and I have been summoned to be your new familiar.”
The beings voice was rich and warm, with a slightest hint of a Gaelic accent. Felix dropped the bottle and took a few steps backwards. This genie like creature was definitely a familiar? He had been expecting a talking animal who would be his teacher. Instead, he had picked the vessel of a man-animal who was now gazing at him with adoration.
Noticing his emotional state, Trenvick frowned.
“Are you not pleased with me Master? Have I done something wrong?” he asked, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. Felix looked at the man slash genie slash familiar, and his fear gave way to sympathy.
“You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be in this form. I was told familiars only took the shape of creatures from nature.” Trenvick gave a small smile.
“That would ordinarily be true. In my case, my birth was not what you would call a normal circumstance. My creator decided to choose me to be a feline familiar, and chose my bonding vessel to be the bottle of a freed genie. Little did he know, the bottle retained some magic from it’s previous tennant.”
“When I was born, I had all the powers of a familiar, as well as a small amount of magic that would ordinary be granted to a genie. That is why my physical appearance resembles the more powerful species. As a side effect of the magical crossover, I was given a few feline features, such as my cat like ears and my big fluffy tail.” Felix tried to not wear a vacant expression as he tried to absorb this new information.
“Does this explain everything to you Master?” the familiar asked.
Jumping with surprise at being addressed, Felix nodded. Trenvick’s appearance was unusual, but it wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. The familiar looked slightly cautious at that moment.
“Are you still willing to have me as your familiar?” he asked.
Felix considered the question, but knew that there was only one answer. He had grown to like Trenvick in the time they had spent together, so there was no way he would send him back into the bottle.
“I guess we can make this work.” he eventually replied, with a grin crossing his face.
Trenvick gave a small chuckle.
“Thank you Master. I shall attempt to guide you with all the power that I possess.”
Felix nodded. With the power he held, the wizard didn’t doubt that Trenvick would be of great assisstance to his efforts. Wanting to prove to himself that the man was real, he walked over to Trenvick, and wrapped his arms around his chest.
The warmth he felt from the familiar was comforting, so much so that he almost never wanted to leave his side. Trenvick wrapped his own arms around Felix, and let out of a contented purr. The noise reasonated throughout the room and made both men feel at ease.


Hope you liked this cover and snippet. I will have more information about this latest book very soon, as well as more snippets from future projects.

Final Cover Reveal – The Shifting Secrets: Written In Blood

The journey to becoming an author is a long and winding road, filled with twists, turns and yellow bricks. It is also filled with experiences that changed my life forever. One of these was when I attended my first NaNoWriMo meet. During that November, I wrote the first draft for a story that grew and evolved far beyond anything I could have imagined. Now, many years later, that story is finally making it’s way to eBook shelves.

Without further ado, I would like to reveal to you the final cover of one of my future books.


This excellent cover for Written In Blood, the first book in The Shifting Secrets series, has been designed by the excellent JC Clarke. If you are curious about the plot of the book, here is the newly written blurb I have made for it.

“I swear to watch over this man, as he has done my kind a service. He may come to us in need, as we may look to him. I hereby name this man a friend of my pack.”

The towns of Shinelake and Duskhaven stand in the middle of a supernatural pocket world situated in the middle of England. They both have tall buildings, forests in the suburbs, and a long standing turf war between two vampire clans. In the town of Shinelake, there exists the Graiabluds who respect human life, while the Crimbluds from Duskhaven desire to control them. Caught between the two factions are the various breeds of shifters who are simply trying to live their lives in peace.

Dr. Alex Marsden is a young man from Shinelake who assists the shifters using his talents as a shifter therapist, against the wishes of his Crimblud supporting father. When a horrifying series of events occur to those closest to him, Alex is forced to make some life changing decisions which will alter the course of his destiny forever.

As a special treat for my loyal readers, and anyone who loves supernatural fiction, here is a short sample from the beginning chapters of this reimagined book.

When he opened them once more, he was looking into the eyes of the most beautiful man he had ever seen in his life. His muscular frame held no excess fat, and his t-shirt showed every curve of his perfect physique. This kind of man was not made using weights, or born naturally. He had been involved with physical labour, and the effects would last for the rest of his life.

Strands of golden silk fell from his head, covering his eyes in a matter that made Alex want to gaze upon him forever. In the middle of the stranger’s face, sapphire irises rested in two stunningly white eyes. Before he could move, Alex felt himself being lifted off the floor. The man’s soft hands supported his throbbing head, and soothed one of the bruises on his lower back.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his voice as soft and golden as his hair.

Words failed Alex for a moment, and he felt a rush of heat flooded his face and spread straight to his cheeks. The man pushed Alex forward, so his head rested on his shoulder, and gently raised him onto his feet. When the stranger was sure he could stand, he pulled his arms away to give him some space. Alex checked himself for any major injury, but there was only a headache and minor bruising. He turned to his rescuer, who was himself sporting a blush to equal a radish’s complexion.

“Thhh, thank you for helping me up,” Alex said, his voice slightly strained.

The other man grinned, showing his perfect teeth.

“It was my fault you fell down in the first place, it’s the least I can do.”

Alex shook his head.

“It was my fault. I should have been looking where I was going. I’m really sorry. If you want me to do anything for you I will, just name it and I ….”

He was stopped from finishing his sentence by something completely unexpected. His knight in cotton armour had planted his lips on firmly on Alex’s own, and was brushing the tips of his teeth with his soft lustful tongue. It only lasted a few seconds, then the man pulled away with his eyes shining with emotion.

Hope you liked this cover and snippet. I will have more information about this latest book very soon, as well as more snippets from future projects.

Final Cover Reveal – Blitzen’s Gift

As an author, I have worked on several projects over the years. Some of them have developed to their full potential, such as Frozen Heart and A Treasured Find, whereas others have fallen by the wayside. With the National Novel Writing Month just over a week away, I decided to take one of my older projects and give it the revamp it deserves. Without further ado, I would like to reveal to you the final cover of my newly rebooted book.

This excellent cover for Blitzen’s Gift, the first book in my Herd of Men series, has been designed by Sapphire Designs. If you are curious about the plot of the book, here is the newly written blurb I have made for it.

In the town of Reisford which lies in the north of England, snow falls on almost every day of the year. One of the residents of this mystical place is Ryan Yorke, a young orphaned man who lives an isolated existence despite his wealth. After rescuing a wounded animal from the nearby woods, a series of unnatural events transport him to the magical parallel world of Snowflake’s Pass.

In this supernatural haven, he is introduced to a group of magical reindeer shifters. These men will change his outlook on the world, and give him the family he has longed for since the day he was born. Among these handsome males is Blitzen Krin, the alpha of the reindeer herd. This handsome stranger is a tortured soul, one who fuels a passion within Ryan that has never been awakened.

Before Ryan can begin his life anew, the two men will need to overcome the obstacles of their pasts, and accept that they are destined to be each the other half of each other’s soul.


As a special treat for my loyal readers, and anyone who loves supernatural fiction, here is a short sample from the beginning chapters of this reimagined book.

“Another great show Rye,” came the voice of Meredith, one of the station’s directors. Her loud Glasweigian dialect rang through the corridors next to the recording booth. Ryan looked up, and saw the voice’s owner walk around the corner. As she smiled, a faint shimmer of silver glitter from her lipstick stretched across her smile.
Having worked for her for three years, Ryan had learned that you could always tell her mood by her lipstick. Silver meant that she had found another boyfriend and was ready to settle down. Gold lips meant that Meredith was having a stressful encounter. When her lips were black, it would be best to vacate the building. If anyone crossed her, the nearest hospital would have another patient on their books.
Just doing my job Merry,” Ryan replied, crushing his plastic cup and putting it in the bin.
Taking his phone out his pocket, he saw that he had a few notifications on his social media accounts. Seeing that they were mostly spam, Ryan decided they could answered later in the day.
“I suppose it helps when your job is also your passion,” she laughed. “It’s almost like you have been doing it since you were nothing more than a wink in ya father’s eye.”


Hope you liked this cover and snippet. I will have more information about this latest book very soon, as well as more snippets from future projects.

Final Cover Reveal – Sheltered

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few weeks. I took a brief holiday from writing following the publication of A Treasured Find, but now I am back and ready to roll on once more.

The reason for my post today is that I would like to share with you the cover of my new book, which is named Sheltered. It was designed by J.C. Clarke, who runs her own shop on Etsy named The Graphics Shed. She has some great covers for sale at very reasonable prices, so be sure to check her out if you have the chance.


As for the story in question, here is the blurb I wrote for it.

Three years ago, a wolf shifter named Samuel Wake was betrayed by a man he loved and forced out of the pack he once called home. On the anniversary of his exile, Sam comes to the rescue of an injured shifter named Connor, and discovers that the beautiful man is his soulmate. Things take an unexpected turn when Sam discovers that Connor is already claimed by an alpha shifter named Lucas Malvone, and that this powerful male shares the honour of being his fated mate.

Will Connor and Lucas be able to bring comfort to their destined partner, or will Sam’s tragic past convince him to be sheltered for the rest of his life?

As a special treat for my loyal readers, and anyone who loves supernatural fiction, here is a short sample of the beginning of this new book.

Thinking back, Sam realised how lucky he had been in the days before everything went to shit. His mother and father were both wolf shifters, and as might be expected by the laws of genetics, Sam had inherited their supernatural status. On the nights when the moon was full, he would change into an enormous blonde wolf, with a white tail that seemed to shimmer whilst under the starlit skies. At any other time, Sam could also change into his other form at will, but the full moon‘s rays did something to his animal that could never be ignored. Tragically, Sam’s parents had been slain during a dispute over territory a few months after he was born, which led him to be adopted by his musically challenged foster father almost immediately afterwards. His new parents welcomed him into the loving atmosphere of their pack, and gave him an especially warm induction when Sam’s shifter abilities awakened at the age of sixteen.

Unfortunately, Sam’s new life had not remained an idealistic existence. He had been relatively exiled from the pack after an incident that involved the first man that had won his heart. Sam had discovered that his so-called boyfriend’s true motives behind their relationship were not romantically motivated. The long and short of it was that the man had been trying to marry him to gain the small fortune that would be bequeathed to Sam on his 21st birthday from his deceased parents. Thankfully , he had discovered Gareth’s treachery a few days before his inheritance was deposited into his bank account. The discovery had shattered Sam’s heart, so he had been forced to take drastic measures and reveal the man’s treachery to the pack alpha.

Before I go, I have another important announcement I would like to make.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased A Treasured Find over the last few months. I received my first royalties for the book in the last few days, and it proved to be a wonderful surprise just how much I received.

Hope you liked this cover and snippet. I will have more information about this latest book very soon, as well as more snippets from future projects.

Unfinished Sample – Safety of Shifters

Thank you so much for all the new likes, and for everyone that has followed my account so far. As a token of my gratitude, here is another of my unfinished works. Once again, if anyone would like to use the base ideas included in these ideas, please feel free, but a small acknowledgement for the inspiration would be appreciated.

Without further ado, here is a sample from one of my earlier unfinished works, named Safety of Shifters. It was the story of a young man who discovers he is the mate of a alpha werewolf, but does not appreciate being watched like a celebrity everywhere that he goes.

At that moment, I realised that although I didn’t exactly trust him, the beta werewolf had been right about what he had said. Rowan had fallen for me completely, and in doing so had handed me a power I didn’t feel I deserved. As his mate, I could destroy him, or give him eternal happiness.

Having seen so many couples in my line of work, it was amazing how different it felt to be on the receiving end of a boundless affection. To be connected to someone on such a primal level was beautiful. But at the same time, I wanted to run and never turn back.

Although half of me wanted to let him claim me, I was my own person, and I didn’t want to be observed every hour by a strangers eyes. Much as I beginning to trust the werewolf, there was anger inside me that I needed to sate, and an issue that needed to be addressed.

Walking through the plush carpeted hallways of the pack mansion, I felt the presence of the shifters in their rooms, Most of them were simply resting with the ones they loved, as it was in the early hours of the morning.

I passed several of Rowan’s wolves on the way to his office. I wasn’t stopped, as they all knew exactly what I meant to their leader. A few of them did give me looks that pierced my fake confidence, and replaced it for a split second with uncertainty and indecision. The door to Rowan’s room was open, allowing me to walk in uninvited. The alpha himself spun around, and upon seeing me, his grim expression changed to a look of untraceable pleasure.

Once again, seeing the man invoked the yet to be completed bond between us. I almost suspected that if my emotion hadn’t been so strong, it would have been lost. My eyes narrowed and I walked further into the room, not breaking my armoured gaze. Stopping a few inches from the wolf, I let loose a stare of unfiltered ire. A look of confusion washed over the alpha’s face.

“Is something wrong my love?” he asked, his gorgeous voice almost sweeping me off my feat.

“Cut the crap Rowan, I know about the guards. You promised me that I would be left alone.”

I don’t know if I expected him to be hurt by my words, or to try and make me see whatever twisted logic had convinced him to betray me. To my surprise, he didn’t flinch, he merely looked quizzical.

“Why should that make you angry? I know of plenty of people who would give their right arm for protection from my pack.”

A fresh wave of anger boiled up, and before I could stop myself, I slapped him hard across the face.

“I didn’t ask for your protection you egotistical bastard!” I yelled, making every word louder than the last.

His eyes turned to me, and I saw they had become amber, like his wolf form. This could only mean that his animal was close to the surface.

“Would you rather I stayed at your back at all times?” he growled.

“No, but you can’t just put people around me that watch my every move. It’s creepy, and not to mention illegal!”

The man scoffed.

“For human’s maybe, but shifters are allowed by our law sto pursue the mate of another, to keep them from coming to any harm!”

I gave a bitter laugh.

“So you don’t trust me to keep myself safe. I asked you to do one thing for me, and you still went against your word!”

Rowan’s eyes began to calm, but his expression was still stone cold.

“I said I would not follow you, I said nothing of asking someone to watch over you, just in case you were taken by one of the enemies of the pack.”

“What are you talking about? Why in the world would I be on someone’s hitlist?”

“The whole town know nows that you are my mate. If any of the people who want to eliminate us capture you because of our bond, I would never forgive myself.”

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Unfinished Sample – The Azuran Apprentice

A painful truth about being an author is that not every idea you have in your head will make it into a book, and several stories will end up never being published. In order to get some regular content onto the blog whilst I get the final details sorted for my other books, I thought I would share some of the ideas I have had over the last few years. They are unedited, and have a writing style that is not consistent with my current one, but it would be a shame to see them locked away forever.

If anyone would like to use the base ideas included in these ideas, please feel free, but a small acknowledgement for the inspiration would be appreciated.

Without further ado, here is a sample from one of my earlier unfinished works, named The Azuran Apprentice. It was the story of a young man who discovers powerful magic within himself, and tries to manage it whilst living a normal life.

As soon as I had proudly admitted my use of the spell, the whole of the coven tensed.

“You did what?” Kertos asked.

“I created a familiar,” I repeated slowly.

“Without asking us?” Kertos’s voice had risen in anger.

There was no mistaking that I had clearly I had crossed some kind of line. Not that I was aware of it. For a moment, I was worried the council would do something drastic, but without warning, the burn mark I had gained on my arm the previous day burned bright. Because it was still sore, it hurt just as much as well. I yelled and grabbed my arm just below the burn to try and dull it, but it was no use.

“What is happening?” Kertos yelled.

“His familiar is coming of its own accord,” Jedara said with apparent interest.

And as could be expected, she was right. Magical energy swirled around in the air and a second later, there was a flash of thunder and it formed into the part dragon, part werewolf figure of Brandaar. No matter how many times I looked at him, he looked absolutely incredible. Just the right mixture of powerful and beautiful. And at that moment, boy did he look annoyed.

“What are you doing to my master?” he roared.

“It is none of your business familiar; it is between us and your conjurer,” Kertos said grimly.

“He performed a spell just as you asked. You did not specify which spells were not to be used. As such, he did know that it was a highly advanced spell, or that it would incur your wrath.”

If he would have his own way, Kertos would have run up to Brandaar and issued a warning, but Jedara held up her hand.

“He is right Kertos, we did not explain the dangers. The young Azuran is still alive and there appears to be no negative side effect to the summoning of this familiar, so I can judge that no harm will come to Alex, if he is informed of the rules and follows them to the best of his ability.”

Brandaar bowed on one knee to Jedara.

“You have my word that I will guide him so he respects and uses The Power with respect.”

Jedara nodded.

“I trust you. May I ask your name?”

“I am Brandaar of the Dracan.”

“Then Brandaar, you are welcome among us just as your conjurer. May you guide your master well.”

“I will.”

With that, Brandaar vanished in a flash of light, accompanied by another clap of thunder.

Needless to say, the whole room was stunned, and so was I.

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (And Characters Too)

As an author, it always helps to picture the physical appearance of your characters as well as their personalities. It may help you to imagine new ways to develop their journey, or simply to get some eye candy for your readership. Either way, I thought I would share some commissions I had done a year ago for my books. They were both drawn by a very talented artist on deviantArt by the name of linkluibymon.

The first picture is of Jason and Glenn from Frozen Heart. The human and his genie may have some issues to overcome, but they look a handsome pair to be sure.


The second picture is a group shot of a few characters from the Shifting Secrets series. Alex, Lanley and Nilas. The two shifters and the human play an important role in the story, one which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did when I wrote their adventures.


That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures, and that you have a great 2015!