Final Cover Reveal – Blitzen’s Gift

As an author, I have worked on several projects over the years. Some of them have developed to their full potential, such as Frozen Heart and A Treasured Find, whereas others have fallen by the wayside. With the National Novel Writing Month just over a week away, I decided to take one of my older projects and give it the revamp it deserves. Without further ado, I would like to reveal to you the final cover of my newly rebooted book.

This excellent cover for Blitzen’s Gift, the first book in my Herd of Men series, has been designed by Sapphire Designs. If you are curious about the plot of the book, here is the newly written blurb I have made for it.

In the town of Reisford which lies in the north of England, snow falls on almost every day of the year. One of the residents of this mystical place is Ryan Yorke, a young orphaned man who lives an isolated existence despite his wealth. After rescuing a wounded animal from the nearby woods, a series of unnatural events transport him to the magical parallel world of Snowflake’s Pass.

In this supernatural haven, he is introduced to a group of magical reindeer shifters. These men will change his outlook on the world, and give him the family he has longed for since the day he was born. Among these handsome males is Blitzen Krin, the alpha of the reindeer herd. This handsome stranger is a tortured soul, one who fuels a passion within Ryan that has never been awakened.

Before Ryan can begin his life anew, the two men will need to overcome the obstacles of their pasts, and accept that they are destined to be each the other half of each other’s soul.


As a special treat for my loyal readers, and anyone who loves supernatural fiction, here is a short sample from the beginning chapters of this reimagined book.

“Another great show Rye,” came the voice of Meredith, one of the station’s directors. Her loud Glasweigian dialect rang through the corridors next to the recording booth. Ryan looked up, and saw the voice’s owner walk around the corner. As she smiled, a faint shimmer of silver glitter from her lipstick stretched across her smile.
Having worked for her for three years, Ryan had learned that you could always tell her mood by her lipstick. Silver meant that she had found another boyfriend and was ready to settle down. Gold lips meant that Meredith was having a stressful encounter. When her lips were black, it would be best to vacate the building. If anyone crossed her, the nearest hospital would have another patient on their books.
Just doing my job Merry,” Ryan replied, crushing his plastic cup and putting it in the bin.
Taking his phone out his pocket, he saw that he had a few notifications on his social media accounts. Seeing that they were mostly spam, Ryan decided they could answered later in the day.
“I suppose it helps when your job is also your passion,” she laughed. “It’s almost like you have been doing it since you were nothing more than a wink in ya father’s eye.”


Hope you liked this cover and snippet. I will have more information about this latest book very soon, as well as more snippets from future projects.

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