Rainbow Snippets – July 7th 2017

It’s time once again for the rainbow coloured fiction to shine through the clouds. For those of you who don’t know, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where you share a set of sentences from a work that has LGBT related content. If you want to check out this great community for yourselves, be sure to check them out for yourself.

This week’s snippet is our first visit to the world of Our Second Chance, and focuses on Dustin Pliskin, one of the main characters, as he makes small talk with a powerful individual who you may remember I revealed some time ago.

A thunderous crash came from the direction of the patio doors. Looking around, Dustin saw the after-effects of a giant wave splashing against the railings of the rooftop patio. Smiling, Dustin went over to the door and opened it wide. A waft of fresh sea air came over him, relaxing him to the tips of his toes.

“Is this really happening, or is it a wonderful dream?” Dustin said aloud to himself.

“I assure you my dear friend, you are very much awake,” said a familiar voice.

Dustin turned about-face, and saw that Rafius Sahir was standing by the front door. The pink haired giant of a genie was now wearing a blue button up shirt, tan three quarter trousers and a golden chain with a peach shaped locket hanging loosely around his neck.

Dustin walked over to the genie, and reached out his hand to greet him. Rafius grinned, and gripped the archaeologist hand and gave it a firm but gentle shake.

“I must admit I didn’t expect to see you so soon,” Dustin laughed.

“Neither did I,” the genie replied, “But the timing of your housewarming happened to coincide with some excellent news.”

On a side note, I would like to thank every member of the group who has offered me kind words so far. Your support and friendship mean the world to me. I hope you enjoyed everyone enjoyed this little snippet, and will consider having a glimpse at the completed work.

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