Draft Cover Reveal – A Treasured Find

There are many times when I believe that everything happens for a reason, or something good comes into your life at just the right moment. This was certainly the case this evening, when I started to look for a cover image for one for the books I am writing. After I signed up for a website named PixBay, I almost immediately came upon an image that perfectly represented one of the locations in the story. What was even more exciting was that I didn’t need to pay any royalties to the owner of the image, and I was free to modify it as I saw fit. So after working on the image in Paint.NET for half an hour, I was able to create something that I think is a perfect start to promoting the book upon it’s eventual release.

So without further ado, I would like to share with you the draft cover of A Treasured Find, the first story in the Treasured series which stars a young witch in training named Caleb Grimaldi and his royal genie soulmate Varron Sevarine.


Hope you liked this image. I will have more information about my latest writing efforts very soon.

Author: calwbrook88

An aspiring author who writes fiction of the masculine kind. Prefers to hang around in the supernatural world, where there are many handsome men.

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