Rainbow Snippets – September 16th 2017

The fall has almost arrived, and not in the Persona 3 sense. The autumn leaves are about to fall, and here is another sneak peek for you all. For those of you who don’t know, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where you share a set of sentences from a work that has LGBT related content. If you want to check out this great community for yourselves, be sure to check them out for yourself.

This week’s snippet is our latest visit to the world of Our Second Chance. This time around,we focus on Dustin as his perception of reality is shattered forever.

Dustin had always prided himself on his steadfast belief that the supernatural was nothing more than superstition. Now, here he was, seeing a grown man believe so readily that the object he held in his hands was a magic lamp? Dustin would have burst out laughing if the situation wasn’t quite so fraught.

As he saw Elliot’s hand brush over the metal surface, he closed his eyes, and silently prayed that the police would arrive before the man lost his mind altogether. Phoenix’s former lover had already proved he was criminally insane, so there was no determining what the man would attempt to do next.

Before Dustin could try to imagine anything, an enormous clap of thunder broke the fear induced silence. Opening his eyes, Dustin saw a sight that made his stomach fall through the floor, and every single belief of how the universe worked was shattered into pieces.

Thick pink smoke was drifting out the spout of the lamp that Elliot held, and as it had risen, it had formed into the figure of a gigantic muscular genie.


On a side note, I would like to thank every member of the group who has offered me kind words so far. Your support and friendship mean the world to me. I hope you enjoyed everyone enjoyed this little snippet, and will consider having a glimpse at the completed work.

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