Rainbow Snippets – July 21st 2017

It’s time once again to walk the rainbow brick road to the city of romantic fiction. For those of you who don’t know, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where you share a set of sentences from a work that has LGBT related content. If you want to check out this great community for yourselves, be sure to check them out for yourself.

This week’s snippet is our latest visit to the world of Our Second Chance. This time around, I have included the cover which was designed by J.C. Clarke, who designed the cover of Sheltered which has been featured in my previous snippets.


This Rainbow Snippet focuses on Dustin and Phoenix as they reunite after some time apart.

The sound of his doorbell made Dustin look up from his video game endeavours. It had been a while since he had heard the object ring, because most people that visited used the knocker instead of it.

Throwing the controller onto the sofa, Dustin went across the room and unlocked the door. On the other side, was the man who gave his life its meaning, and had also broken his heart to pieces.

“Phoenix…” Dustin gasped.

Like always, the man everything that Dustin dreamed about. His long black hair fell down his back, and his green eyes dazzled like shining emeralds. His six foot frame was quite lean and understated, but his muscular tone more than made up for his apparent physical weakness.

“Can I come in?” he asked softly, as if he felt he didn’t deserve to be welcomed.

On a side note, I would like to thank every member of the group who has offered me kind words so far. Your support and friendship mean the world to me. I hope you enjoyed everyone enjoyed this little snippet, and will consider having a glimpse at the completed work.

Author: calwbrook88

An aspiring author who writes fiction of the masculine kind. Prefers to hang around in the supernatural world, where there are many handsome men.

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets – July 21st 2017”

  1. On the other side, was the man who gave his life its meaning, and had also broken his heart to pieces. – One sentence, so much meaning. well done.


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