Unfinished Sample – Safety of Shifters

Thank you so much for all the new likes, and for everyone that has followed my account so far. As a token of my gratitude, here is another of my unfinished works. Once again, if anyone would like to use the base ideas included in these ideas, please feel free, but a small acknowledgement for the inspiration would be appreciated.

Without further ado, here is a sample from one of my earlier unfinished works, named Safety of Shifters. It was the story of a young man who discovers he is the mate of a alpha werewolf, but does not appreciate being watched like a celebrity everywhere that he goes.

At that moment, I realised that although I didn’t exactly trust him, the beta werewolf had been right about what he had said. Rowan had fallen for me completely, and in doing so had handed me a power I didn’t feel I deserved. As his mate, I could destroy him, or give him eternal happiness.

Having seen so many couples in my line of work, it was amazing how different it felt to be on the receiving end of a boundless affection. To be connected to someone on such a primal level was beautiful. But at the same time, I wanted to run and never turn back.

Although half of me wanted to let him claim me, I was my own person, and I didn’t want to be observed every hour by a strangers eyes. Much as I beginning to trust the werewolf, there was anger inside me that I needed to sate, and an issue that needed to be addressed.

Walking through the plush carpeted hallways of the pack mansion, I felt the presence of the shifters in their rooms, Most of them were simply resting with the ones they loved, as it was in the early hours of the morning.

I passed several of Rowan’s wolves on the way to his office. I wasn’t stopped, as they all knew exactly what I meant to their leader. A few of them did give me looks that pierced my fake confidence, and replaced it for a split second with uncertainty and indecision. The door to Rowan’s room was open, allowing me to walk in uninvited. The alpha himself spun around, and upon seeing me, his grim expression changed to a look of untraceable pleasure.

Once again, seeing the man invoked the yet to be completed bond between us. I almost suspected that if my emotion hadn’t been so strong, it would have been lost. My eyes narrowed and I walked further into the room, not breaking my armoured gaze. Stopping a few inches from the wolf, I let loose a stare of unfiltered ire. A look of confusion washed over the alpha’s face.

“Is something wrong my love?” he asked, his gorgeous voice almost sweeping me off my feat.

“Cut the crap Rowan, I know about the guards. You promised me that I would be left alone.”

I don’t know if I expected him to be hurt by my words, or to try and make me see whatever twisted logic had convinced him to betray me. To my surprise, he didn’t flinch, he merely looked quizzical.

“Why should that make you angry? I know of plenty of people who would give their right arm for protection from my pack.”

A fresh wave of anger boiled up, and before I could stop myself, I slapped him hard across the face.

“I didn’t ask for your protection you egotistical bastard!” I yelled, making every word louder than the last.

His eyes turned to me, and I saw they had become amber, like his wolf form. This could only mean that his animal was close to the surface.

“Would you rather I stayed at your back at all times?” he growled.

“No, but you can’t just put people around me that watch my every move. It’s creepy, and not to mention illegal!”

The man scoffed.

“For human’s maybe, but shifters are allowed by our law sto pursue the mate of another, to keep them from coming to any harm!”

I gave a bitter laugh.

“So you don’t trust me to keep myself safe. I asked you to do one thing for me, and you still went against your word!”

Rowan’s eyes began to calm, but his expression was still stone cold.

“I said I would not follow you, I said nothing of asking someone to watch over you, just in case you were taken by one of the enemies of the pack.”

“What are you talking about? Why in the world would I be on someone’s hitlist?”

“The whole town know nows that you are my mate. If any of the people who want to eliminate us capture you because of our bond, I would never forgive myself.”

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