Unfinished Sample – The Azuran Apprentice

A painful truth about being an author is that not every idea you have in your head will make it into a book, and several stories will end up never being published. In order to get some regular content onto the blog whilst I get the final details sorted for my other books, I thought I would share some of the ideas I have had over the last few years. They are unedited, and have a writing style that is not consistent with my current one, but it would be a shame to see them locked away forever.

If anyone would like to use the base ideas included in these ideas, please feel free, but a small acknowledgement for the inspiration would be appreciated.

Without further ado, here is a sample from one of my earlier unfinished works, named The Azuran Apprentice. It was the story of a young man who discovers powerful magic within himself, and tries to manage it whilst living a normal life.

As soon as I had proudly admitted my use of the spell, the whole of the coven tensed.

“You did what?” Kertos asked.

“I created a familiar,” I repeated slowly.

“Without asking us?” Kertos’s voice had risen in anger.

There was no mistaking that I had clearly I had crossed some kind of line. Not that I was aware of it. For a moment, I was worried the council would do something drastic, but without warning, the burn mark I had gained on my arm the previous day burned bright. Because it was still sore, it hurt just as much as well. I yelled and grabbed my arm just below the burn to try and dull it, but it was no use.

“What is happening?” Kertos yelled.

“His familiar is coming of its own accord,” Jedara said with apparent interest.

And as could be expected, she was right. Magical energy swirled around in the air and a second later, there was a flash of thunder and it formed into the part dragon, part werewolf figure of Brandaar. No matter how many times I looked at him, he looked absolutely incredible. Just the right mixture of powerful and beautiful. And at that moment, boy did he look annoyed.

“What are you doing to my master?” he roared.

“It is none of your business familiar; it is between us and your conjurer,” Kertos said grimly.

“He performed a spell just as you asked. You did not specify which spells were not to be used. As such, he did know that it was a highly advanced spell, or that it would incur your wrath.”

If he would have his own way, Kertos would have run up to Brandaar and issued a warning, but Jedara held up her hand.

“He is right Kertos, we did not explain the dangers. The young Azuran is still alive and there appears to be no negative side effect to the summoning of this familiar, so I can judge that no harm will come to Alex, if he is informed of the rules and follows them to the best of his ability.”

Brandaar bowed on one knee to Jedara.

“You have my word that I will guide him so he respects and uses The Power with respect.”

Jedara nodded.

“I trust you. May I ask your name?”

“I am Brandaar of the Dracan.”

“Then Brandaar, you are welcome among us just as your conjurer. May you guide your master well.”

“I will.”

With that, Brandaar vanished in a flash of light, accompanied by another clap of thunder.

Needless to say, the whole room was stunned, and so was I.

If you liked what you have seen so far, please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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