Unedited Sample – Blitzen’s Gift (Prologue)

To get me kickstarted into writing in the new year, I decided to post the prologue of Blitzen’s Gift, my new supernatural romance novella that will be coming out in 2015.

I hope you enjoy this little teaser.

24th December 2012


Why after over hundred and fifty years would I come to this place?

Although he did not voice it aloud, the thought certainly passed through the mind of a tall brown haired man in the middle of Reisford. It wasn’t as if the town was a terrible place to visit, but something in the magic that coursed through his veins told him he was needed. His line of work took him all over world, so it was unusual for destiny to be overly specific.

As he walked through the procession of people going about their pre Christmas shopping, he happened to notice a large set of clear plastic reindeer supposedly pulling a sleigh upon which sat the immortal representation of the holiday season. As the man looked at the vacant stare of the porcelain Saint Nick, he felt slightly deflated at how little the man resembled the man he remembered. It hadn’t been the real thing he had known, that would have been slightly impossible. But to him, it was like spitting on the memory of the man by replacing him with false imagery, and the triple syllable cacophony that rose from his beard covered diaphragm.

Turning away from the sight, he decided to get away from the square. It wasn’t that he didn’t like being around people, but it would be easier to find his target’s location without being distracted by men and women of all ages. Just as he reached the edge of the open area, he felt the magic within flare once more. His intended target was close, all he would need to do was find the spot, the let the magic flow. Usually he would need to know the person before he could perform such a task, but the power seemed to give him everything he needed this time, so he would let it go, for now.

With the precision of honing in on a beacon, the man walked slowly along the street, until he came to the exact spot he was needed to be. When he examined the place, he was stunned to find that was outside of a newspaper shop that was a few minutes away from being shut for the holiday season. He didn’t quite understand why it had to be right in this place, but he had never doubted his powers before, so he wasn’t going to start now. Muttering a silent spell under his breath, he felt a warm glow of sparkling light shoot upwards into the sky, and burst as it reached the top of the shop.

When the spark of magic had left his hand, the stranger felt his heart lighten somewhat. For the moment it seemed, whatever wish fate had wanted him to grant had been fulfilled. With a sigh of relief, he decided that it was time to head for home. Making sure that no one was watching, he began to run along the street. For several moments, he looked just like an ordinary man, but then a wonderful change occurred.

A flurry of sparkling snowflakes surrounded the man, and where once he stood a few seconds before, stood a majestic eight foot tall reindeer, with a pair of antlers that were as wide as a small pick-up truck. With a bray that echoed halfway across the nearby rooftops, the reindeer continued to run until he leapt into the air. For a brief moment, it seemed as if the shape-changing male would fall back down to earth, but with an impossible burst of speed, the animal took off into the crisp night air. Looking back to make sure that he had not left anything damaged, the reindeer kicked it’s legs, and flew away from the small town towards a shining star that guided him home.

Little did the mysterious man know, it would not be the last time he would be called to Reisford, nor would he able to stay away once he found the gift that lay in store.

That’s all for now. Have a great 2015!

Author: calwbrook88

An aspiring author who writes fiction of the masculine kind. Prefers to hang around in the supernatural world, where there are many handsome men.

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